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Cyrenaic, Eleatic, Epicurean, Marxian, Marxist, Megarian, Stoic, animist, animistic, atomistic, commonsense, commonsense philosopher, cosmotheistic, dialectical materialist, down-to-earth, earthy, eclectic, empirical, epistemological realist, eudaemonistic, existential, hardheaded, hedonic, hedonist, hedonistic, humanist, humanistic, hylomorphous, hylotheistic, idealistic, instrumentalist, materialist, materialistic, matter-of-fact, mechanist, mechanistic, metaphysical, monistic, natural realist, naturalist, naturalistic, nominalist, panlogistical, pantheistic, physicist, positivist, positivistic, practical, practical person, practical-minded, pragmatic, pragmatist, rational, rationalistic, realistic, reasonable, sane, scholastic, scientific, scientistic, secular, sensationalistic, sensible, sober-minded, sound, sound-thinking, straight-thinking, syncretistic, theistic, transcendentalist, transcendentalistic, unideal, unidealistic, unromantic, unsentimental, utilitarian, vitalistic, voluntarist, voluntaristic, worldly

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • realist — REALÍST, Ă, realişti, ste, adj., s.m. şi f. 1. adj. Care este bazat pe principiile realismului; specific realismului. ♦ spec. (Despre scriitori, artişti etc.) Care aderă la realism, care reprezintă realismul în artă, în literatură. ♦ Care imită… …   Dicționar Român

  • realist — reàlist (realȉst) m DEFINICIJA 1. sljedbenik realizma u umjetnosti i književnosti 2. onaj koji životnu stvarnost prihvaća onakvom kakva jest, bez uljepšavanja i idealiziranja; praktičar, pragmatičar, trezvenjak, opr. idealist, fantast, zanesenjak …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Realist — Re al*ist, n. [Cf. F. r[ e]aliste.] 1. (Philos.) One who believes in realism; esp., one who maintains that generals, or the terms used to denote the genera and species of things, represent real existences, and are not mere names, as maintained by …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Realist — (lat.), Anhänger des Realismus (s. d.) …   Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon

  • reàlist — (realı̏st) m (reàlistkinja ž) 1. {{001f}}sljedbenik realizma u umjetnosti i književnosti 2. {{001f}}onaj koji životnu stvarnost prihvaća onakvom kakva jest, bez uljepšavanja i idealiziranja; praktičar, pragmatičar, trezvenjak, opr. idealist,… …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • realist — (n.) 1690s, in philosophy; see REALISM (Cf. realism) …   Etymology dictionary

  • realist — [rē′əlist] n. 1. a person concerned with real things and practical matters rather than those that are imaginary or visionary 2. a believer in or advocate of realism 3. an artist or writer whose work is characterized by realism …   English World dictionary

  • realíst — a m (ȋ) 1. kdor pri mišljenju, ravnanju priznava, upošteva dejstva, uresničljive možnosti: bodite realisti, ne zahtevajte nemogočega; ta politik je velik realist; realisti in zanesenjaki 2. kdor upodablja, prikazuje resničnost tako, kot je, se… …   Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika

  • realist — [[t]ri͟ːəlɪst[/t]] realists 1) N COUNT (approval) A realist is someone who recognizes and accepts the true nature of a situation and tries to deal with it in a practical way. I see myself not as a cynic but as a realist... Realists would agree… …   English dictionary

  • realist — UK [ˈrɪəlɪst] / US [ˈrɪəlɪst] noun [countable] Word forms realist : singular realist plural realists 1) someone who accepts events and situations as they really are and deals with them in a practical way I m enough of a realist to know that we… …   English dictionary

  • realist — n. a down to earth, hardheaded realist * * * hardheaded realist a down to earth realist …   Combinatory dictionary

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